How to grab the attention of target customers with lipstick boxes?

April 13, 2020

Lipsticks are sourly designed to enhance the beauty of lips. Women’s makeup kit is not complete without the addition of a lipstick. It doesn’t matter what the age of the woman is, she cannot complete her makeup without a lipstick. Therefore, lipsticks and makeup brands offer a wide range of lipsticks packed in custom lipstick boxes. With time, these brands have realized the importance of customized lipstick packaging. To make things easier for these sellers, we have discussed some key areas to cover while customizing lipstick boxes.

Choose a punchy color combination

Women get attracted by punchy and exciting color combinations so the first step is to use a punchy color combination for lipstick boxes. There are many colors that women love like pink, red, purple and magenta. As a brand, you have to choose the one according to the theme of your brand. If you are starting new, it is best to choose a single color combination for the packaging and brand logo. This way, you will be able to relate your lipstick boxes with your brads customized theme.

Another reason for choosing a punchy color combination is the raising competition among different makeup brands. More and more businessmen have joined the makeup industry. Therefore, without a different approach, it’s not easy to survive especially if you are new in this industry. When a defined color combination will be there on all lipstick boxes, your brand will get that attention. You can also research the already in use color combinations. After the research develop your custom made color scheme. Implement that developed color scheme on lipstick boxes.  

Print all the details of lipsticks on these boxes

Brands assume the printing aspect is only there for branding purposes. In reality, it’s not like that as every brand has a different customization plan. You can still use printed lipstick boxes for brand promotion and marketing but don’t forget your target audience. As a lipstick brand, women are going to take an interest in your product. You might know that women can be a bit difficult target audience to deal with. They need everything from a lipstick packaging box; you should keep this in mind.

Therefore, it is recommended to print all the details of lipsticks on lipstick boxes wholesale. It can be the shade, ingredients or even a fun fact about a particular lipstick. Many brands don’t pay attention to such kind of information. These brands are quite stable and are in this business for years. If you are new, you have to follow a different path. Do leave some space for the logo of your brand. You don’t want to add just the information of lipsticks, the brand logo is also important.

Glittered lipstick boxes will quickly grab the attention

After customizing the printing aspect, you have to think about the finishing of your lipstick boxes. Think about a unique finishing quality as you don’t want to leave any space behind. Standard matte and glossy finishing qualities have become quite old. Though you can still choose them that won’t make a huge difference. The finishing of a lipstick box is very important because customers are used to high quality finished lipstick boxes.

You can choose the glittered type of finishing for your lipstick boxes. We all know that gold color and finishing has a special feel to it. The glittered gold finishing will look super cool and attractive. You cannot forget the fact that women will be buying your lipstick packed in these glittered boxes. So, this finishing can do wonders for your make up brand.

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