Custom Kraft Cosmetic boxes

Custom Kraft cosmetic boxes are used to encase your makeup items and express the brand’s reputation. A first mesmerizing look at the product, make the buying decision for the customers, and this impression is made by the boxes. The first appearance and astonishing look can only be achieved by customization. Through customization, simply print the product name and highlight the logo on the Kraft made box. This helps in branding and protection of the product. Good looking boxes are perfect when displayed in the retail shops, at the point of sales and purchase. These are standardized and stylish for cosmetics items. “Lena Cosmetic Boxes” provides the impressive and eye-catching boxes for the whole cosmetic items manufacturers and suppliers. Add to this, cosmetic boxes with windows; tuck ends, auto bottom, seal ends, and hanging hangers are very common and add extra value in the box. We deal in all materials production of cosmetic boxes packaging, but Kraft material is eco-friendly and affordable for all. Add to this, cosmetic labels and stickers are also adhesive with Kraft material. So, we have an affordable range of customized Kraft boxes for cosmetic items, wholesale prices, full colors printing and magical attraction for the customers. Our Kraft cosmetic boxes are;

  • Best quality stocks
  • Overwhelming motifs and pre-made samples
  • Corporate and printed designs production
  • On-time delivery
  • Quick turnaround
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • Quantity discount offers

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